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Monday, July 15, 2013

Shaving Cream and Sand!

Being a teacher...I am always look for fun things to do with my child! I think it is very important for kids to have all different kinds of experiences! However, I am not very accepting in the area of "messy." I usually hate things that are messy...I do not like getting messy...therefore, I don't do many things with Rex that allow him to get messy. Well today...I decided to throw caution to the wind...and give my boy a few things to get messy with!

We started off with a bit of shaving cream...and food coloring! I did not get pictures of us mixing it...because we were...well mixing. But he LOVED making the different colors from white shaving cream! (IMPORTANT...remind them not to eat! He didn't eat it...but tried...probably because we were mixing with spoons!)

Here was our finished product! Well finished before we started making a mess!
At first...he was very confused! But never underestimate the power of modeling! After mommy showed him what to do...he was ready to dive in!

Any there we go! Painting on a cookie sheet! (We practiced writing his name...ABC's...numbers...and drawing shapes!)

We might have thrown a little bit of it too! ;)

Now spreading with the spoon! (And of course starting to mix all of the colors!) It makes such a nice vomit color. :)

He liked the spoons better than his hands! I kind of do too...although I encouraged the messy-ness of the hands!

Using those hands again!

Finishing his masterpiece! It was really soooo much fun!
After that activity was over...we decided to get in the sandbox...it has been probably months since he has done the sand box! (Way too hot outside...but today it was nice!) He's always been a little stand-off-ish of the sand box...likes it but he doesn't want to get messy! Well I am proud to say...today was different! He got DOWN AND DIRTY! lol. We also took a break and had a popsicle...with dirty hands. lol. :) Take a look!

Throwing sand...this is not allowed at my house. I do not want it in his eyes! But I did get an action shot. lol...then I told him no. :)

Needless to say...Rex had a blast! We came in and bathed and now he is quietly playing at his table. I love days like these and will miss them when the school year starts! So...if you have a toddler...go get a little dirty! They love it! :) 

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