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Hey! My name is Hillary and I live in Texas! I am a teacher turned stay at home mom with my 2 year old daughter! I also have a 5 year old son and a wonderful husband! I enjoy doing teaching activities with my son and daughter and creating resources on TpT!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Yes, you read the title right! Gymnastics! Our little Olivia (and Mommy) started a Mommy and Me Gymnastics class this past week! Livi has always enjoyed rolling, tumbling, etc...so we thought we would give it a try! She absolutely loves it! There are only two other girls and moms in the class and the coach is so sweet!

It is fun for her but she is also around some other girls which is good, other adults which is good, and she is learning some pretty neat moves. :) We had our second class today and she was so excited to go! Rex also loves asking her about it. :) He thinks it is so cool that his sister is taking gymnastics! 

Other than that...we haven't had any big news over here lately. Livi and I really enjoy our days together and I work like a dog during her nap time but I love it. :) 

I'm starting to see a really sweet nurturing side to Olivia and she starting to take up for herself when Rex bugs her. lol. I am not sure Rex likes that too much, but he's learning to leave her alone! 

Rex is starting to become interested in a wider range of things. Randy has been doing circuits with him almost every night and he loves playing board games. The stinker is really good too! 

We try to go out to dinner once a week, so last week it was Posados. In fact, most weeks it is Mexican food because our kids love it! 

Rex was super tired this night and wouldn't let me take a picture, but here is Liv chowing down on her favorite Mexican food...ice-cream. lol! 

The kids and I love to play outside when we pick Rex up from school! That is usually their cranky time, so it is nice to get outside (when it isn't raining like it is today!) 

I took this picture the other day during our outside time and it is one of my favorites of the kids! 

Lastly, we are trying as a family to eat better. We realized we have a lot of sugar in our diet and need to cut back. It is hard with kids because they tend to like all the sugary things. But Livi and I ventured out yesterday and made some spinach muffins (I know, sounds gross.) They were actually great! These muffins had spinach, honey, a banana, cinnamon, milk, and egg, etc. Nothing unhealthy and all natural ingredients. I was very impressed! My kids loved them too!  

Now, they may not look that great but really...they were tasty! I do not know why the Pinterest one was such a bright green though. She called them hulk or dinosaur muffins. Mine were not green enough for that! lol. Whatever though...good food in my kids belly! Success. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)


Monday, January 9, 2017

Painting, Eating, Snow, and Buc-ee's

It has been a fabulous week over here! Tuesday was a bit rough with Livi because Rex went back to school, so she seemed a bit bored. lol. We got out quite a bit during the day. I am so excited to see her loving "reading" and wanting to have a book all of the time. I know this picture is a bit blurry, but she loves to read in the car while we are at Parent Pick Up waiting on Rex. She loves books that have flaps and move! And look at those house shoes! Diva! :)

I mentioned at the end of the last post that we had finally taken down our Christmas things! Well, since we cleared out things to put up the Christmas tree, we now had space when we took it down. We created a little reading/coloring nook for the kids! They love it! You can see Rex is having his nightly ipad time and snack, and Livi is reading a book and having a snack!

Since it was so cold this week, Livi and I did a little craft time on Wednesday! I just used painter's tape and taped off a snowflake. Then let her paint the mini canvas blue! She loved it and I loved how it turned out!

Friday, we decided to brave the cold (and it was COLD!) to go have lunch with our Rex! She loves doing that and so does this momma!

So, Sonic it was (I mean, Rex eats at 10:20 every day!) lol. And then we came home and continued with our silliness! 

Saturday, I knew the kids would be restless because they had not been outside to play all week and it was still too cold! I decided we needed a day out anyway! Randy was at Area Contest so I took the kids on a date to paint at Mud Hut, then lunch at Pasados!

 I was so impressed with Rex's painting and they both had such a great time!!

And of course, ice-cream for the win at Pasados! We came home full, happy, and tired. We all napped!

After nap, I got out the fake snow I ordered from Amazon! You can read about it in my Snow, Snow! blog post. It was a HUGE HIT with my kids!

Then Sunday, Randy and I went to Dallas! Mom watched the kids and it was so much fun! I bought Randy DSO tickets for part of his Christmas. So we decided to go have lunch with my brother, then head to the concert! We stopped at the epic Buc-ee's on the way home! (I had never been to Buc-ee's so this was a neat experience!) lol. 

Seeing my brother was wonderful! We just ate sushi and talked for almost two hours! 

I enjoyed some much needed kid-free time with my man!

Then Buc-ee's pictures were a must!

All in all, it has been a busy but great week. I am sure this week will be less packed but Livi does have her first Gymnastics class on Wednesday! :) :) I cannot wait! 

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Year, A Better Blogger!

Okay, I am determined to do a better job of blogging this year. One, I have the time now. Two, I really enjoy looking back on my old posts to see what we (The Kisers) were up to. :) So here goes nothing...I am going to try to blog at least once a week with an update about our family. There. I said it, it is out there, hold me accountable.

Really, not much has been going on around here for us! Christmas was a blur (I might do a post about that later?) but for now I do not have the energy. None-the-less, Christmas was amazing! A blur, but amazing!

Now, it is January and Rex headed back to school today. I really enjoyed my time with him over the break. I see Livi all day, every day (which I love) but I miss seeing my boy every day! The day before he went back to school (yesterday), I decided to stay off my phone...which I should do allll the time, and really be present with my babes. Randy had a work day, so it was just me and the kids. We had the best day though!

We started off the day with a little creating! Rex is completely obsessed with planets and the solar system right now! I bought him these awesome books for Christmas that he can create himself!

They are blank books and he can write in them! They are hardback which I thought was awesome! They also come with markers and stickers! I was pleased with this gift!

So naturally, my boy made a solar system book! He had so much fun!

And of course, Livi had to join in! We gave her some paper and markers. Yikes, that girl with markers. She had fun though!

Then, since that was going so well, I decided to make even more of a mess and bust out the paints. lol. Rex had a "pet rock" he had not painted yet, so we got that out!

It was very fun and super inexpensive. I was glad he still had it laying around. It made for a fun activity! Also, did I mention it was raining cats and dogs outside that morning? Yuck.

Livi also wanted to paint...I mean, if you give a mouse a cookie, right?

Then, it was time for *another* rousing game of TROUBLE. I say *another* because the night before, Rex beat me 9 times. Yes, NINE! That kid has game. 


Let it be known, out of the five games we played. I won, ONE. Yeah, one. time. 

Praise the Lord for lunch and naps...momma needed a rest at this point. lol. 

Then after nap, we finished Rex's lighthouse Lego set...it was awesome once finished...but left me cursing all Legos ever created. Uh-huh. I said it.

And what do you know, the sun came out! Must have been because the Legos were done. lol.

So we got some much needed fresh air! Livi is sporting her new car from Gam and Paw!

Later that night, Randy took Rex out to use his new telescope! It was epic!

Now, this is one of those posts you are no doubt rolling your eyes and thinking..."blah blah, life is perfect." No, it is not perfect. Livi cries...and eats like nothing. Rex talks non-stop. And at times, I just wanted to tell them to go play while I drink coffee and click on my phone. I am human. This stage of life right now isn't the easiest. But what stage is really? I am trying *harder* this year to be more "in the moment" and get off my dang phone. I really don't troll Facebook or Instagram, it is more because I run my business online. I am always on my phone responding to people, running ads, etc. My business has allowed me to stay home and be around my kids more, which I am grateful for and I cannot that slide. However, I can be more productive with my time and prioritize better. 

So there you have it. Now we are back in the full swing of things...early wake ups, lunch packed, and out the door by 7:20. 

Oh, and I finally got my Christmas decor down...so there is that. #win

In the future, my posts WILL NOT be a play by play of one entire day. I mean really...are you bored yet? But not much has happened this week, so there you have it! 

Have a fabulous week friends and family! We love you all!

xoxo, The Kisers