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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Yes, you read the title right! Gymnastics! Our little Olivia (and Mommy) started a Mommy and Me Gymnastics class this past week! Livi has always enjoyed rolling, tumbling, etc...so we thought we would give it a try! She absolutely loves it! There are only two other girls and moms in the class and the coach is so sweet!

It is fun for her but she is also around some other girls which is good, other adults which is good, and she is learning some pretty neat moves. :) We had our second class today and she was so excited to go! Rex also loves asking her about it. :) He thinks it is so cool that his sister is taking gymnastics! 

Other than that...we haven't had any big news over here lately. Livi and I really enjoy our days together and I work like a dog during her nap time but I love it. :) 

I'm starting to see a really sweet nurturing side to Olivia and she starting to take up for herself when Rex bugs her. lol. I am not sure Rex likes that too much, but he's learning to leave her alone! 

Rex is starting to become interested in a wider range of things. Randy has been doing circuits with him almost every night and he loves playing board games. The stinker is really good too! 

We try to go out to dinner once a week, so last week it was Posados. In fact, most weeks it is Mexican food because our kids love it! 

Rex was super tired this night and wouldn't let me take a picture, but here is Liv chowing down on her favorite Mexican food...ice-cream. lol! 

The kids and I love to play outside when we pick Rex up from school! That is usually their cranky time, so it is nice to get outside (when it isn't raining like it is today!) 

I took this picture the other day during our outside time and it is one of my favorites of the kids! 

Lastly, we are trying as a family to eat better. We realized we have a lot of sugar in our diet and need to cut back. It is hard with kids because they tend to like all the sugary things. But Livi and I ventured out yesterday and made some spinach muffins (I know, sounds gross.) They were actually great! These muffins had spinach, honey, a banana, cinnamon, milk, and egg, etc. Nothing unhealthy and all natural ingredients. I was very impressed! My kids loved them too!  

Now, they may not look that great but really...they were tasty! I do not know why the Pinterest one was such a bright green though. She called them hulk or dinosaur muffins. Mine were not green enough for that! lol. Whatever though...good food in my kids belly! Success. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)


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