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Monday, January 9, 2017

Painting, Eating, Snow, and Buc-ee's

It has been a fabulous week over here! Tuesday was a bit rough with Livi because Rex went back to school, so she seemed a bit bored. lol. We got out quite a bit during the day. I am so excited to see her loving "reading" and wanting to have a book all of the time. I know this picture is a bit blurry, but she loves to read in the car while we are at Parent Pick Up waiting on Rex. She loves books that have flaps and move! And look at those house shoes! Diva! :)

I mentioned at the end of the last post that we had finally taken down our Christmas things! Well, since we cleared out things to put up the Christmas tree, we now had space when we took it down. We created a little reading/coloring nook for the kids! They love it! You can see Rex is having his nightly ipad time and snack, and Livi is reading a book and having a snack!

Since it was so cold this week, Livi and I did a little craft time on Wednesday! I just used painter's tape and taped off a snowflake. Then let her paint the mini canvas blue! She loved it and I loved how it turned out!

Friday, we decided to brave the cold (and it was COLD!) to go have lunch with our Rex! She loves doing that and so does this momma!

So, Sonic it was (I mean, Rex eats at 10:20 every day!) lol. And then we came home and continued with our silliness! 

Saturday, I knew the kids would be restless because they had not been outside to play all week and it was still too cold! I decided we needed a day out anyway! Randy was at Area Contest so I took the kids on a date to paint at Mud Hut, then lunch at Pasados!

 I was so impressed with Rex's painting and they both had such a great time!!

And of course, ice-cream for the win at Pasados! We came home full, happy, and tired. We all napped!

After nap, I got out the fake snow I ordered from Amazon! You can read about it in my Snow, Snow! blog post. It was a HUGE HIT with my kids!

Then Sunday, Randy and I went to Dallas! Mom watched the kids and it was so much fun! I bought Randy DSO tickets for part of his Christmas. So we decided to go have lunch with my brother, then head to the concert! We stopped at the epic Buc-ee's on the way home! (I had never been to Buc-ee's so this was a neat experience!) lol. 

Seeing my brother was wonderful! We just ate sushi and talked for almost two hours! 

I enjoyed some much needed kid-free time with my man!

Then Buc-ee's pictures were a must!

All in all, it has been a busy but great week. I am sure this week will be less packed but Livi does have her first Gymnastics class on Wednesday! :) :) I cannot wait! 

Have a wonderful week!

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