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Monday, June 27, 2011

Six Weeks!

Rex is now six weeks old and I can hardly believe it! It feels like he is growing up fast but at the same time is still so small, is that possible? :) Here is his six week picture!

He's a sweetie pie! His formula is working so much better and the Zantac Dr. Hudson put him on is working also! He is a happier baby! We did take him to the doctor today to get him checked out. He has been really congested and we just wanted to be safe. The doctor thinks it is from the reflux and told us to elevate him more when he sleeps. So Randy--being the handy daddy he is, propped up Rex's crib mattress so he is more elevated. At the doctor appointment they weighed Rex though, and he weighs a healthy 10 lbs 6 oz! :) We are so proud he is gaining weight!

On another note--Rex also slept almost a full night in his crib last night. He slept from 1:30-7:30 in there only getting up once to eat. I was very proud! We had to kind of back slide from the crib transition a week or so ago because of his new medicine, reflux and spitting up. We just didn't feel it was safe. Now, he is doing better so we decided to try it again. He did wonderfully! Night 2 tonight, hopefully it goes as smoothly. I'm going to miss having him in our room, but I know its better for him to be able to stretch out and not be in his tiny rocker! He is taking 4 oz per feeding still and on a steady 3 hour schedule of eating. I would say things are taking shape and we are having a blast!

Everyday we have more fun with our little man. He is laughing and cooing more and more. He smiles when he sees mommy and daddy...which we just LOVE! He was even smiling pretty big at grandma (my mom) the other day! I love watching him grow and discover new things. Lately, his fist is his new best friend. He sucks on it all the time. :) He is beginning to light up when he sees light up toys or hears music. Tummy time is a must every day and he loves it. He still gets tired easily during tummy time, but he is holding his head up more and more. Ahhh...I could just go on and on...but I won't bore you any more. :) For now...that's it! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Which Formula Will It Be?

Well, we have yet again switched Rex's formula. First I tried nursing, then it was regular Similiac, then it was Similiac with Alementum, now...Similac Soy. BLAH! And now the doctor thinks Rex has reflux, so he is putting him on 2 doses of Zantac a day. I really hope all of this works...I am tired of trial and error.

On a positive note--Rex is drinking more of this new formula and getting on a better schedule...we are hoping that sleeping 5-6 hours is right around the corner.

Another very fun thing to share...the other day Rex and I were playing in his nursery in the morning. Randy came in and Rex turned his head and gave Randy the biggest smile! My heart melted, I knew he recognized his daddy!! :) It was so sweet! We are enjoying every minute with our sweet boy...it is going by too quick though!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rex is One Month Old!

Well this first month as been an adventure but very fun at the same time! :) I cannot believe he is already a month old!

On June 14, 2011 (Mine and Randy's Anniversary) We took Rex out for this first outing! He slept most of the time, but I still think he had fun! :) We went to Target, Sonic, and drove by Spring Hill School to see the new school! Not a long outing, but fun none the less!

The transition into the crib is slow but steady, he sleeps some in there, especially for naps and then I put him in there after his 3:00 AM feeding most nights. I do this so that if he has a bad night, Randy and I don't miss out on the whole night of sleep and Rex is still rested the next day. So far, he is gettig used to it and it is getting much better! However some days, he is so cute and will just quietly in his crib and look around smiling. I don't rock him to sleep because I want him to be able to put himself to sleep. He's great at that when he is tired! When he's not, he doesn't fuss, he just lays and coos. :)

Rex loves his tummy time on mommy and daddy or just on a blanket or mat. I believe when he is old enough to choose, he will be a tummy sleeper...he LOVES it. But for now, the only tummy sleeping he gets in on mommy or daddy.

We have also been working on laying on our side some, I am trying to avoid him getting that flat spot on the back of his head. Today we played for over and hour and he didn't fuss once. He laid on his side, back and tummy. :) He is getting to where he stays awake more during the day...he still takes about 4 naps, but that is better than sleeping ALL day and staying awake all night! :)

As far as feedings, he is doing much better! We were feeding ever hour and half. That was HARD and not necessary. In fact, it was too much, but he would cry and cry! So we started trying to keep on a bit of a schedule. Nothing too strick, but still a schedule. Now he eats every 2 1/2-3 hours. We went from 14 bottles in 24 hours to 9...thank goodness! :)

Rex is also a thinker when he sleeps! Well we pretend that he is. He makes the funniest expressions when he sleeps, we love to just watch him and of course have the camera ready! :)

And of course, last but not least--here is his ONE MONTH OLD PICTURE. :)

As you will notice, some of his hair in the front has fallen out...it will grow back! :) But for now--we have a receding hair line! Too Cute!

We are loving being parents, don't get me wrong...its hard at times but so rewarding. Tomorrow Randy and I are having our first date since Rex was born. We are going to Tyler for a late anniversary outing to try Wasabi. Should be great! We are glad to be getting out and to be alone with each other for just a bit. :) My mom (Rex's grandma) is going to watch him. I think she is just as excited (if not more) that we are leaving for a while. She gets some snuggle time with her sweet grandson!

Stay tuned, he's growing fast--I will be posting often!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Being a Mommy!

Being a Mommy is the greatest feeling in the entire world. Sure it is exhausting at times, and maybe even a little frustrating but all I have to do is look at my little boy's face and everything else falls into place. Rex went in for his 2 week check up on May 31st. Dr. Hudson said he was doing great! He had grown 2 inches (to 22 inches) and weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. After a few scary nights, and talking to the doctor though, we realized that there is a good possiblity Rex has a milk allergy. We switched from a regular Similac formula to one for milk allergies. Not all of the problems have subsided, but things are looking a little better.

On another note--this being my first child, I assumed all of the things I got at my four baby showers would be way too much! I thought...wow I will never use all of this--BOY WAS I WRONG! Thank you to everyone who helped little Rex be well prepared for his entrance into the Kiser household! Diapers and wipes are going fast, gift cards are buying formula, clothes are being changed about 6 times a day! :) So again THANK YOU!!

Rex is getting on a semi-normal feeding schedule. During the day he eats about every 2-3 hours...at night he eats every 3-4 hours...sometimes 5!! The every 5 hours is very rare though, which is actually good because at 3 weeks...he needs to be eating a little more often. The nights are getting a little bit easier, MUCH easier than the first week! For this week, we are trying short naps in our crib. He hasn't slept in his crib yet at night, but baby steps. We are trying naps to get him adjusted to the scary feeling of waking up somewhere different. So far...the naps are VERY short. :) We are adjusting though. Randy and I are also establishing a bedtime routine, hopefully this will help with the transition to his crib eventually. :)

Everything is going great here if you can't tell. I am all healed up, and feeling better than ever (other than sleep deprived!) :) Just very excited to spend the summer with my husband and new little boy!

Now that I am getting a little more used to having a baby at home, I hope to update this more often. Below are a few pictures of Rex over the last couple of weeks! We had some family visit (what a great weekend!!) And then of course there are some pictures of just the beautiful little boy! Enjoy!

First Sponge Bath

Asleep after a feeding

Love Mommy Kisses!

Grandpa meets Rex :)

Uncle Danny and Aunt Shelley

Uncle Danny--Rex peed on him right after. :)

Hence the new outfit! Aunt Shelley holds Rex! :)


Daddy and Baby :)

My boys sleeping :)

Mommy and Rex--2 weeks after birth. Love my fella! :)

Saturday night with Mommy and Daddy-I'm bathed, feed, dry and HAPPY! :)

After doctor's visit--It's been a long day!

3 weeks old!!

8 days old!

Sleeping when the family was in

4 days old! :)

Grandmas! :) He's very loved!