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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Which Formula Will It Be?

Well, we have yet again switched Rex's formula. First I tried nursing, then it was regular Similiac, then it was Similiac with Alementum, now...Similac Soy. BLAH! And now the doctor thinks Rex has reflux, so he is putting him on 2 doses of Zantac a day. I really hope all of this works...I am tired of trial and error.

On a positive note--Rex is drinking more of this new formula and getting on a better schedule...we are hoping that sleeping 5-6 hours is right around the corner.

Another very fun thing to share...the other day Rex and I were playing in his nursery in the morning. Randy came in and Rex turned his head and gave Randy the biggest smile! My heart melted, I knew he recognized his daddy!! :) It was so sweet! We are enjoying every minute with our sweet boy...it is going by too quick though!!

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