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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rex is One Month Old!

Well this first month as been an adventure but very fun at the same time! :) I cannot believe he is already a month old!

On June 14, 2011 (Mine and Randy's Anniversary) We took Rex out for this first outing! He slept most of the time, but I still think he had fun! :) We went to Target, Sonic, and drove by Spring Hill School to see the new school! Not a long outing, but fun none the less!

The transition into the crib is slow but steady, he sleeps some in there, especially for naps and then I put him in there after his 3:00 AM feeding most nights. I do this so that if he has a bad night, Randy and I don't miss out on the whole night of sleep and Rex is still rested the next day. So far, he is gettig used to it and it is getting much better! However some days, he is so cute and will just quietly in his crib and look around smiling. I don't rock him to sleep because I want him to be able to put himself to sleep. He's great at that when he is tired! When he's not, he doesn't fuss, he just lays and coos. :)

Rex loves his tummy time on mommy and daddy or just on a blanket or mat. I believe when he is old enough to choose, he will be a tummy sleeper...he LOVES it. But for now, the only tummy sleeping he gets in on mommy or daddy.

We have also been working on laying on our side some, I am trying to avoid him getting that flat spot on the back of his head. Today we played for over and hour and he didn't fuss once. He laid on his side, back and tummy. :) He is getting to where he stays awake more during the day...he still takes about 4 naps, but that is better than sleeping ALL day and staying awake all night! :)

As far as feedings, he is doing much better! We were feeding ever hour and half. That was HARD and not necessary. In fact, it was too much, but he would cry and cry! So we started trying to keep on a bit of a schedule. Nothing too strick, but still a schedule. Now he eats every 2 1/2-3 hours. We went from 14 bottles in 24 hours to 9...thank goodness! :)

Rex is also a thinker when he sleeps! Well we pretend that he is. He makes the funniest expressions when he sleeps, we love to just watch him and of course have the camera ready! :)

And of course, last but not least--here is his ONE MONTH OLD PICTURE. :)

As you will notice, some of his hair in the front has fallen out...it will grow back! :) But for now--we have a receding hair line! Too Cute!

We are loving being parents, don't get me wrong...its hard at times but so rewarding. Tomorrow Randy and I are having our first date since Rex was born. We are going to Tyler for a late anniversary outing to try Wasabi. Should be great! We are glad to be getting out and to be alone with each other for just a bit. :) My mom (Rex's grandma) is going to watch him. I think she is just as excited (if not more) that we are leaving for a while. She gets some snuggle time with her sweet grandson!

Stay tuned, he's growing fast--I will be posting often!!

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  1. Yay! So glad you all have gotten into a routine now. I enjoyed your update! Love you guys.