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Monday, June 27, 2011

Six Weeks!

Rex is now six weeks old and I can hardly believe it! It feels like he is growing up fast but at the same time is still so small, is that possible? :) Here is his six week picture!

He's a sweetie pie! His formula is working so much better and the Zantac Dr. Hudson put him on is working also! He is a happier baby! We did take him to the doctor today to get him checked out. He has been really congested and we just wanted to be safe. The doctor thinks it is from the reflux and told us to elevate him more when he sleeps. So Randy--being the handy daddy he is, propped up Rex's crib mattress so he is more elevated. At the doctor appointment they weighed Rex though, and he weighs a healthy 10 lbs 6 oz! :) We are so proud he is gaining weight!

On another note--Rex also slept almost a full night in his crib last night. He slept from 1:30-7:30 in there only getting up once to eat. I was very proud! We had to kind of back slide from the crib transition a week or so ago because of his new medicine, reflux and spitting up. We just didn't feel it was safe. Now, he is doing better so we decided to try it again. He did wonderfully! Night 2 tonight, hopefully it goes as smoothly. I'm going to miss having him in our room, but I know its better for him to be able to stretch out and not be in his tiny rocker! He is taking 4 oz per feeding still and on a steady 3 hour schedule of eating. I would say things are taking shape and we are having a blast!

Everyday we have more fun with our little man. He is laughing and cooing more and more. He smiles when he sees mommy and daddy...which we just LOVE! He was even smiling pretty big at grandma (my mom) the other day! I love watching him grow and discover new things. Lately, his fist is his new best friend. He sucks on it all the time. :) He is beginning to light up when he sees light up toys or hears music. Tummy time is a must every day and he loves it. He still gets tired easily during tummy time, but he is holding his head up more and more. Ahhh...I could just go on and on...but I won't bore you any more. :) For now...that's it! Stay tuned!

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