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Hey! My name is Hillary and I live in Texas! I am a teacher turned stay at home mom with my 2 year old daughter! I also have a 5 year old son and a wonderful husband! I enjoy doing teaching activities with my son and daughter and creating resources on TpT!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Fall! :)

Well it has been a busy month in the Kiser household! Football season has kicked off, daycare is back in full swing and my new job is FABULOUS! :) We may be busy, but we are loving every minute of it!

Obviously as stated before, Rex started back to daycare. It was a bit of a rough start...he cried for about a week every day when Randy would drop him off...ugh, I hated it. But after a week, he walked in almost by himself, waved "bye bye" to daddy and was on his way. He loves his new teacher Ms. Megan and his friends! The teachers talk about how smart he is! I know he is doing very well!

We love our weekends around here though! Its a time to catch up on laundry, house cleaning and give a lot of extra love to our little man! He eats well around here, lol. We usually make sure we have a big breakfast for him, he loves it! Right now eggs are his favorite!! He loves hashbrowns, yogurt, apple sauce, waffles (blueberry), and biscuits! Of course he doesn't eat that all in one meal, but those are some of the things we fix him!

When new teacher orientation started up for me, it was hard to be away from my boy! I always tried to make the best of it when I came home in the afternoons! Here is a picture of us playing after me being at work!

A few Sunday's ago was Grandparents Day! We love Rex's Grandparents! We decided we would take a picture of Rex and send it to everyone! I hope they enjoyed the gesture! :)

Rex has been learning how to kiss on the cheeks! lol. He is always wanting to give his friends kisses at school...and I shutter at the thought of him kissing them on the mouth. So he is getting very good at the cheek kisses. Later I will teach him about personal space. lol.

Like I said..Rex eats well on the weekends! We always try to go out to eat with him (if at all possible) on the weekends. Just a little time out of the house and with each other! We went to Pasados the other night and the kid cleaned his plate! He loves his Mexican food!! Afterward he had an ice cream cone...as you can imagine, that was a HUGE hit!

Who-Hoo!! We are in full potty training mode! My goal is to have him completely potty trained by Christmas. I know that seems like a long time, but I can't do much about the day because he is at school. His class right now is starting potty training but exclusively does it starting in December. However, at night, he is pottying often!! I love it! Less diapers, less mess, proud momma, proud boy! His potty chart is actually almost full now, this picture is from when we first started it!

IT's FALL!!! Finally cooler temperatures and more fun outside! I think he looks happy about it too!

Did I say Rex can eat?? Oh my goodness! Between him and Randy, my grocery bill is outrageous! lol. He sooooo hungry after school, but I get out much earlier this year so it is too early to eat dinner. Last year I would pick him up at 4:45 or 5:00 and it was almost dinner time. This year I pick him up about 3:45! (so nice!) But he is starving, so we usually have a small snack! He loves veggie stix and hummus! :)

Ahhh I LOVE FALL! I found this on Pinterest and asked my mom about it! She said she could make it easily, and SHE DID! I love it! She did an awesome job!

My brother and SIL were supposed to come in this weekend but Danny came down with the stomach bug...they didn't want to risk Rex getting sick, so they stayed put. I am finding I do not know what to do to with myself. lol. So I decided to decorate a bit! More pictures to come soon!
Happ Fallidays! ;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to the Grind!

I haven't checked in in a few weeks, but honestly not much has happened! I like months like that; low key and relaxing! Rex and I have done A LOT of playing...Mommy has had to get very creative with things to keep Rex from getting bored. Even then...I know he is ready to be back with his friends at school. He loves being home but I think he still gets bored. Too bad it is a billion degrees outside...we do not get much time outside to play. Tomorrow we are headed to Terrell to do a little back to school clothes shopping! I am looking foward to getting him out of the house for a while! :) Here a few pictures with captions to update the last few weeks!

He's gotten very attached to many of his stuffed animals this summer! Here is him giving kisses to a giraffe Aunt Shelley made for him and brought to the hospital when I was giving birth! :)

We had our first donut this summer! He liked it at first, then not so much! :) Look at that bed hair!

We busted out the bubble mower! When the bubbles ran out...there was a stand off!

After his nap one day...this is one of his quiet times of the day. He liked to do his best thinking after his naps.

One of the cool mornings we decided to go outside and play!
Here is my last week day with my boo...I go back to work Monday. I am so proud of his growth this summer and of the little boy he is becoming. Rex, I have loved every second of these past 2 months with you. I love you so much and I am so blessed to be your mommy!
To all mommies going back to work...I feel your pain. I love my job but I love my son more than life itself. He is precious to me but I also know that daycare is good for him. He has great social skills and they teach him so many wonderful things. Love on your baby and know they will be just fine. :)
Keep tuning in for monthly (maybe more) updates of the Kiser Family! We are busy beavers but I love giving our family and friends updates on our little world. Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Shaving Cream and Sand!

Being a teacher...I am always look for fun things to do with my child! I think it is very important for kids to have all different kinds of experiences! However, I am not very accepting in the area of "messy." I usually hate things that are messy...I do not like getting messy...therefore, I don't do many things with Rex that allow him to get messy. Well today...I decided to throw caution to the wind...and give my boy a few things to get messy with!

We started off with a bit of shaving cream...and food coloring! I did not get pictures of us mixing it...because we were...well mixing. But he LOVED making the different colors from white shaving cream! (IMPORTANT...remind them not to eat! He didn't eat it...but tried...probably because we were mixing with spoons!)

Here was our finished product! Well finished before we started making a mess!
At first...he was very confused! But never underestimate the power of modeling! After mommy showed him what to do...he was ready to dive in!

Any there we go! Painting on a cookie sheet! (We practiced writing his name...ABC's...numbers...and drawing shapes!)

We might have thrown a little bit of it too! ;)

Now spreading with the spoon! (And of course starting to mix all of the colors!) It makes such a nice vomit color. :)

He liked the spoons better than his hands! I kind of do too...although I encouraged the messy-ness of the hands!

Using those hands again!

Finishing his masterpiece! It was really soooo much fun!
After that activity was over...we decided to get in the sandbox...it has been probably months since he has done the sand box! (Way too hot outside...but today it was nice!) He's always been a little stand-off-ish of the sand box...likes it but he doesn't want to get messy! Well I am proud to say...today was different! He got DOWN AND DIRTY! lol. We also took a break and had a popsicle...with dirty hands. lol. :) Take a look!

Throwing sand...this is not allowed at my house. I do not want it in his eyes! But I did get an action shot. lol...then I told him no. :)

Needless to say...Rex had a blast! We came in and bathed and now he is quietly playing at his table. I love days like these and will miss them when the school year starts! So...if you have a toddler...go get a little dirty! They love it! :) 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Jeesush" Loves Me!

Tonight was a heartwarming night. I felt the need to blog about...I want to remember this sweet moment forever (and my blog is sort of a journal of Rex's life as well as my life.)

Rex was upset going to bed tonite...I think he was tired and he was enjoying watching videos of himself as a baby...but when it was bedtime, he as upset. I wouldn't say it was a "fit throwing" upset...but a sad upset. I tried to read to him (which he loves every night) but he was still sad. When Rex was "sleep training" I did let him cry it out...and it worked...but that was a long time ago...and I refuse to let him go to bed sad and upset at his age now...I think a child can be calmed...and should be. So I put the book away and begin to sing his favorite song..."ABC's" I sang it a few times, and he was calm...I asked him if I could sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" he didn't respond but just looked up at me...so I sang it anyway. Then I asked "Rex, what song would you like me to sing?" And much to my surprise...he replied with "Jeesush." (Which I knew to mean...Jesus Loves Me.) I sing that to him often, but he has never asked me for it. It truly touched my heart. Rex is getting much better with his speech, but he still struggles with communicating at times. I love at this small age...he knows (and can verbalize) "Jesus"...even if it is in his own way.

We have been praying every night...he verbalizes who he is thankful for...and says "Amen." In fact, he evens asks for prayer time by saying..."Amen?" when he goes to bed.

I want so badly to be a good...no...GREAT mother to Rex. He deserves nothing less. Yet I feel I fall short from time to time. Tonight is a moment I will never forget...to some it may seem small...but for me...when my child (that God so carefully gave to me...) can say the name of someone so precious to me...it really melts my heart.

I thank God every day for Rex...today is no different.

Lions and Tigers and Bears...OH MY!

If you know Rex at all (or any child for that matter)...you know they love animals! We decided it was time for Rex to go to a zoo other than the one in Tyler. Yesterday we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo and were accompanied by my brother, sister-in-law Shelley, my mom, Shelley's sister Natalie and her son (Rex's Cousin) Caleb! Of course me, Randy and Rex were there too! It was so much fun! I have to admit, it was incredibly hot but we had a wonderful time anyway!

Wearing Uncle Danny's Hat

Rex and Mimi

Just Chatting with Uncle Danny


Hanging with Mommy! (That is water he spilled on himself!) 

Showing Rex the Animals

Rex and his Daddy

Rex loved the White Tiger! We were lucky, the tiger came right by the window!

It was hot...but loved being with my boy!

Still Hanging with his Daddy!
Caleb and Rex! :)

Aunt Shelley made a WONDERFUL picnic lunch for he family! Rex loved the Cheetos and Blackberries the most!

At the end of the day, we went into the gift shop! I bought Rex the cutest (and softest) elephant! He loves him!

This boy loves his aunt and uncle so much! He kept saying "Didi and Sheshy" (Danny and Shelley) all day!

Love my family!! (Randy was getting the car during these! Just pretend he is here!) :)

Needless to say...it was a big day and this boy had a blast!