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Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Fall! :)

Well it has been a busy month in the Kiser household! Football season has kicked off, daycare is back in full swing and my new job is FABULOUS! :) We may be busy, but we are loving every minute of it!

Obviously as stated before, Rex started back to daycare. It was a bit of a rough start...he cried for about a week every day when Randy would drop him off...ugh, I hated it. But after a week, he walked in almost by himself, waved "bye bye" to daddy and was on his way. He loves his new teacher Ms. Megan and his friends! The teachers talk about how smart he is! I know he is doing very well!

We love our weekends around here though! Its a time to catch up on laundry, house cleaning and give a lot of extra love to our little man! He eats well around here, lol. We usually make sure we have a big breakfast for him, he loves it! Right now eggs are his favorite!! He loves hashbrowns, yogurt, apple sauce, waffles (blueberry), and biscuits! Of course he doesn't eat that all in one meal, but those are some of the things we fix him!

When new teacher orientation started up for me, it was hard to be away from my boy! I always tried to make the best of it when I came home in the afternoons! Here is a picture of us playing after me being at work!

A few Sunday's ago was Grandparents Day! We love Rex's Grandparents! We decided we would take a picture of Rex and send it to everyone! I hope they enjoyed the gesture! :)

Rex has been learning how to kiss on the cheeks! lol. He is always wanting to give his friends kisses at school...and I shutter at the thought of him kissing them on the mouth. So he is getting very good at the cheek kisses. Later I will teach him about personal space. lol.

Like I said..Rex eats well on the weekends! We always try to go out to eat with him (if at all possible) on the weekends. Just a little time out of the house and with each other! We went to Pasados the other night and the kid cleaned his plate! He loves his Mexican food!! Afterward he had an ice cream cone...as you can imagine, that was a HUGE hit!

Who-Hoo!! We are in full potty training mode! My goal is to have him completely potty trained by Christmas. I know that seems like a long time, but I can't do much about the day because he is at school. His class right now is starting potty training but exclusively does it starting in December. However, at night, he is pottying often!! I love it! Less diapers, less mess, proud momma, proud boy! His potty chart is actually almost full now, this picture is from when we first started it!

IT's FALL!!! Finally cooler temperatures and more fun outside! I think he looks happy about it too!

Did I say Rex can eat?? Oh my goodness! Between him and Randy, my grocery bill is outrageous! lol. He sooooo hungry after school, but I get out much earlier this year so it is too early to eat dinner. Last year I would pick him up at 4:45 or 5:00 and it was almost dinner time. This year I pick him up about 3:45! (so nice!) But he is starving, so we usually have a small snack! He loves veggie stix and hummus! :)

Ahhh I LOVE FALL! I found this on Pinterest and asked my mom about it! She said she could make it easily, and SHE DID! I love it! She did an awesome job!

My brother and SIL were supposed to come in this weekend but Danny came down with the stomach bug...they didn't want to risk Rex getting sick, so they stayed put. I am finding I do not know what to do to with myself. lol. So I decided to decorate a bit! More pictures to come soon!
Happ Fallidays! ;)

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