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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Play Area (My Husband is a Genius)

Last summer we got a new couch...well a sectional actually (I love it!) Anyway, we had to move things around a bit which left a big area behind my husband's recliner...it was empty space. Slowly through the year, I put more and more of Rex's toys back there...it was just convienent. Well tonight my husband had the idea to turn it into a play area! We had some left over carpet (from when we got new carpet before Rex was born)...he cut it to fit behind his recliner...then we moved Rex in!

Opening his crate-stool to get his colors out!

Sitting at his table coloring!

I think he likes it! :)

Oh he's just sooo creative! :)
Rex has always had a lot of space in his room...but doesn't play back there alot, I am very excited about a new place to store things and a sweet place for my baby to play! Thanks Randy! You are the best! We love you and your great ideas!

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