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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Splash Pad Fun!

What a fun day! Today we spent some time hanging around the house but after Rex's nap we decided to go to the Splash Pad at Spring Hill Park.

We went a few days ago to just the playground part (we had never been there before) and it was great! Here are a few pics!

In this picture, I just thought he looked so big with his spikey hair! What a cutie!
Then today we decided to put on his trunks and take him back for a little fun in the water! The whole way we were driving he kept saying "swim, swim!" He hasn't grasped the concept that sometimes we have to GO somewhere to actually swim. He was excited though and loved the water!

 If you live around here, I highly suggest you check it out! It's a great place to take your kids and there are never a lot of people there! Plus it is a great cool down spot! My little fish loved it!

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