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Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Little Life!

Well I am excited to be posting about my family again! It has been a year, wow! I have been busy finishing my principal's certification and of course being a momma! My goal is to post a lot in this next year...I have a feeling my life will be must less stressful and I will finally have some free time!

This summer (thus far) has been wonderful! Relaxing and full of time with our wonderful little boy!

Rex finished up his 2 year at daycare! I cannot believe it! He did wondeful this year and learned so many new things! Before he turned two, he could say his whole alphabet, recognize all of his letters, count to twenty, recognize 1-10, knows all of his shapes, and colors as well! I am one proud momma! This picture was taken on the last day of daycare! He is getting so big!

 We celebrated Father's Day in a big way! We tried to make it the most special day for Daddy! We love Randy so much, he is such a wonderful Dad!
We also put Rex in swim lessons this summer! We had a blast! Rex learned some great survival skills and also learned that he LOVES the water! He's a little fish!

We have also done lots of crafts this summer so far! Rex loves to color and use watercolors! He is actually a bit obsessed with his colors...if you pull them out, he wants you to write his name and color for him! We are working on him coloring by himself! He has so much fun though!

We recently tried corn on the cob for the first time! Let's just say, it was a huge hit! Rex loves to eat, his favorites are hot dogs, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, rice, mac and cheese, ketchup, hashbrowns, apples, apple sauce, carrots, and a few others! I think we can add corn to the list too! He chowed down! :)
Rex had his 2 year check up on June 10. He weighed 29 lbs and was 36 inches tall! Everything was great and the doctor said he was doing great developmentally! I thought it was funny though, it was the first time they made him slip on this hospital gown...he's too big for just his diaper I suppose!
We've also put Rex in his toddler bed...I thought this was going to be difficult. I figured he would love the freedom, but going on two months, he still doesn't get out until I come in the room in the mornings! He sleeps from 8:00 PM-8:00 AM and naps from 12:30-3:00. The boy loves his sleep!
Rex loves to count and read...he actually isn't into any TV shows...I kind of wish he was at times. I would love for him to have a favorite show. BUT, it will come in time. For now, he loves to entertain himself or beg for us to entertain him! :)

He has this book memorized! :)

This book is one of his favorites, it is from my grandmother...she left him a sweet message in the back, he loves the book! :)
We also got a small pool for the backyard, he's had a blast swimming in it! We can actually all fit in it, which is nice! :) Oh and look at that belly!
Rex gives in to his sweet side at times! :) He loves his Mickey, Monkey and Blanket. He will also walk up to me and Randy and say..."Big Kiss (giving a kiss)...Hug (giving a hug)...Nice (petting us)." We laugh! He's so sweet! He can have a terrible two side too, but we choose to remember the good times. :)

Too cool for school! :)

Loves climbing in the big bed while momma is trying to make it!
This is a long post, but a great glimpse of our summer so far! We are loving every second of it! We just got back from a trip to Kansas...pictures to come soon! Hope you enjoy seeing what is going on with the Kiser's! 

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  1. Lovely post, looking forward to more from Mr. Rex! ��