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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rex's First Major Boo Boo!

Rex had his first major booboo this week! On Wednesday, July 18, Rex was having a normal day at home playing with mommy! We had a great morning, around the house, went to Wal-Mart to get somethings, then came home and it was just about lunch time, then nap time!

Rex was playing in his "club house" recently made by daddy!

It is just a hallway closet with a few blankets in it! We always leave the door open and he loves it! (This picture was not the day of his boo boo, but a picture of his clubhouse...and the laptop that will come into play later.)

Rex crawled out of his clubhouse with his laptop and started walking around. Mommy was sitting on the floor in the hall, playing with him and looking at his laptop (it was making a funny noise)--I blame low batteries.

Rex is not extremly stable on hsi feet yet and he stumbled and fell against the closet door...and it slammed shut. All of the sudden, mommy hears a scream! Rex is hurt! Rex had his finger in the back of the door (the crease) when he slammed the door shut. Mommy jumps into action.

I will spare you the details...but the finger was bleeding and swelling quick! It did not look good. Daddy come home to examine the damage...
After lots of crying, talking to doctors on the phone, making sure it wasn't broken, doctoring it up, grandma coming over to examine it, and more crying...Rex fell asleep.
What should have been lunch time...quickly turned into a nightmare. Rex took a 2 and 1/2 hour nap...then woke up in pain. We gave him some Advil and some lunch and our little boy was back to his old self! (He had to and still does eat with a sock on...so germies don't get in his wound!--We call it his cast!)

Here are some pictures about 7 hours after the accident. (After bath time)

All was getting back to normal...but his finger kept looking worse. So Friday, I took him to see the doctor (not our regular doctor...he wasn't available) The doctor we saw (I will not name names...because he was terrible) told us to go get X-Rays done on his finger...he was afraid it was broke at the growth plate. He also prescribed some ointment to prevent infection (the whole reason I went in.) I did not want to do the X-Rays...but I did, just to be safe. It was terrible...Rex was so scared, he screamed and screamed...the X-Ray lady got so frustrated with him. Let's just say...something I hope I never have to do again. Anyway...his X-Ray's came back fine. No broken finger. Thankfully the ointment and Neosporin are doing wonders and his finger is almost back to normal. I don't even think he will lose his nail!

I believe I (his mommy) cried more than he did through all this--he's one tough dude! I however, am not as tough as I thought! Watching my child hurt physically hurts my heart. It's odd. I love it all the same though--just reminds me how much I love him.

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