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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eating and Swimming!

Whew, I think we have a messy eater on our hands! Rex has been diving into new food left and right. He loves to eat, so I guess that is a good thing! He isn't too much of a picky eater but he does shutter every time we offer a new food to him. :) Once he gets used to the food though, he is better! We are having a blast watching him try new things and feed himself. He LOVES veggies; just about any kind, he will chow down! This morning he had a Nutrigrain bar for the first time and loved it! He also loves Mac and Cheese, Chicken, Crackers, and oh my goodness...Ravioli or Pasta of any kind!

Since my mother had pictures of me like this...I do not think the apple falls far from the tree. :) I just had to post!

We also went on a swim yesterday! It was too cute! He doesn't dig being rubbed down with suntan lotion, but it is for his own good! :)

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