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Saturday, April 4, 2015

6 Weeks and Growing!

Well our little love bug has turned 6 weeks! Wow! Time is flying! Most people say they want time to slow down...I'm not sure I do. I love watching our girl grow! She's more fun each day! 
Here she is grabbing her toy on her bouncer! Such a champ! 

We also went for a ride to the bank the other day! Dr. Hudson has not wanted her to get out at all due to flu and RSV. It's been tough but we are respecting those wishes! However, the bank has a drive thru! Lol. She was fine until I rolled down the window. This startled her...and she flipped out! Poor girl. I calmed her down though and all was fine! 

Easter is tomorrow but it is suppose to rain so Rex and I hunted eggs today! 
Then we decided to take a walk and he rode his tricycle! So much fun!! I love spending time with this guy!! 

Rex has just recently taken a pretty big interest (in a good way) to Olivia! 
He loves to "play" with her while she is awake! He also loves to help me! He goes to get diapers, burp cloths and picks out toys for Olivia to play with! Such a great big brother! 

The sleeping arrangements with Olivia are proving to be a bit difficult. We had her in a bassinet, then did a few nights in the crib, then she started boycotting that. (During a growth spurt...I think she was just fighting sleep altogether.) we are now trying the pack n play for a little while. She seems to like it so far! 
(This was a nap)--since it is similar to the crib...hopefully that transition isn't far off. 

Well the Easter Bunny paid the kids a visit tonight! 
Here is what the kids scored! :) lol. I know this isn't the reason for Easter...but kids are kids and need to be kids! :) The Easter Bunny is fun! 

Well hoping for a 4 hour stretch of sleep tonight! I start back to work on Thursday! I'm excited to see everyone but do not want to leave baby girl! I'm still pretty sleep deprived. Hoping to catch up a bit before Thursday! Have a Happy Easter! 

Much Love!

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