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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It has been a while--but the time is coming!

Wow, I apoligize that it has been so long since I have updated! Life has been very busy the last few months, but the pregnancy is progressing well and I am approaching the end! Below I am going to post pictures to update over the last few months! :) You will get the gist!

24 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

30-31 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

34-35 Weeks
 Above is the picture progression of Momma and Baby Rex's progress. :) Only one more photo to go!!

On April 2, 2011 I had a wonderful baby shower here at my house, put on by my mom and sister in law! I had so much fun and was so thrilled to have all of my friends and family in one place to celebrate!

The Spread!

Two of my favorite ladies!! Mom and Shelley!

Randy's Step Mom Kim

Aunt, Grandma, Me and Mom


My Wonderful Brother

College Friends!

Trent (My friend Kristen's Son) :)

The Hubby! :) After the Shower!

Diaper Cake and Fruit
Me with the spread!
A special thank you to Shelley and Mom for such a wonderful day! Every bit of it was amazing!

On April 30, 2011--Spring Hill HS Band Parents and Students threw a wonderful shower for me and Randy! We had a blast! Rex is going to be so spoiled!! :)

Amazing cake made by a friend of Randy's

Guest of Honor-In Mommy's Tummy! :)

Randy was at this shower! I loved having him there!

Nursery after Rex's 4th Shower

What a mess!! :) Time to Nest!

New carseat from the hostesses!

The shower was wonderful!! Thanks to all that took part!!

Randy and I are just about ready for baby Rex's arrival! We can't wait! Below are finished pictures of the nursery, and a few miscellaneous pictures of us getting ready for baby's big day! :)

Over Spring Break, I went to see my brother and sister-in-law in Lewisville! We had a blast! We did a little shopping and eating! :) My two favorite things! Randy was in Chicago, so I took my mom along for the ride! We had a great time! Shelley's sister Natalie is pregnant as well (due in August). We had fun talking baby talk and shopping for maternity clothes!

Brother and SIL at The Cheesecake Factory

Pregnant Bellies!!

Family Photo!

Well there is a long update on the past few months! Probably more than you cared to know! :) Today I had my 37 week check up at the doctor and everything went great! He says baby Rex can come at any time and would be perfectly healthy! I cannot wait!! Next week they will examine me and see how things are progressing towards delivery! Hopefully I make it that long. :) If I don't, that is fine too! I am ready when he is!! Stay tuned!

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  1. A long awaited update! :) I've been keeping up with your Facebook posts anyway. Can't wait to see you when Rex decides to make his big entrance (or exit, depending on your POV). LOL