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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Little of This and That!

We are loving our time off with the kids. I have to say, this has been the best summer ever!! 

Rex and Randy took a guys trip to Kansas to see Grandpa and KK! Rex had THE BEST TIME! We didn't take Olivia because she hated the car soooo much on the beach trip! Here are some highlights of Rex's trip! 

There are so many more great pictures but too many to share! Lol. 

Olivia and I had a girls weekend and we LOVED it. I missed Rex but loved the alone time with her. :)

Rex also did a week at swim lessons and I was so proud of him!! He is a great little swimmer!! 

Daddy stayed home with Olivia! 

I'm also beginning to see a bond between Rex and Olivia and it is melting my heart! 

We caught the ice cream truck in our neighborhood the other day and just HAD to get some! 

Olivia is growing so much every day! And eating like crazy!! 

I mean look at these legs! Lol. 

She loves her food! :) 

She also has such a fun personality!!

Rex and I made butter the other day! We were bored and it sounded like fun! Lol. He loved it!! 

Olivia also just turned 5 months! Rex LOVES when she turns a new month! I have no idea why, he just does!! :) 

With 5 months came teething! Poor baby has two bottom ones trying to break through! 

So she chews all of the time and has red cheeks. :( 

She's a trooper though! :) 

Lastly, the kids nap times for me this summer have been spent growing my TeachersPayTeachers Business! I'm so excited with where things are headed and I know this will continue to be a huge blessing for us. 

Here is a snap shot of the Facebook ad picture for a new product of mine. This business is a passion of mine...and I love it. 

So yeah, there is an update!! We are loving our summer! It's late though...so excuse any typos! I'm headed to bed! :)

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