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Friday, July 10, 2015

Mid-Summer Fever!

Wow, July is here...and I need summer to sloooow down! 

We have been just loving life at home since our beach trip! There is not a whole lot to update on, so I will include many pictures and less words! Lol. 

Livi did have her 4 month check up! 12 lbs. 12 oz. 24.5 inches! She's growing but still sooo tiny for her age. 

She also had to get shots which was NO FUN! Bleh. But she did great! 

Rex and I have done some cooking and baking this summer! I'm loving my quality time with him! 

Swimming has been a HUGE part of our time off so far! It's a daily thing! We are loving it! 
Livi doesn't look very happy here but she really does love it! Lol. 

Livi also started solid food and rolling back to tummy! Such a big girl!

The other day, Randy and I went on a little Day Date! :) We did some shooting and lunch! Love that man! 

We also had a great 4th of July! 

Took this handsome guy for some frozen yogurt the other day! Love spending time with him!! 

Looking forward to our next month off together and hoping it creeps by! :)

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