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Thursday, June 4, 2015

This School Year Comes to an End!

Well my school year is ALMOST over...I know...June 4th and it isn't over yet? Nope. We are going until June 9th! But...at least it is ALMOST over! lol. Next year I will be moving from 3rd grade to 5th grade...I am VERY excited. I have never taught anything other than 3rd grade and I am looking forward to doing something new!

The kids are doing great! I swear both of them are growing like weeds! Rex will start Pre-K in the Fall...I know...I cannot believe it!  He celebrated his 4th birthday (as you know) and came to eat lunch with Mommy at work! He was so good and my co-workers just LOVE him!
Lately he has been a 100% Daddy's boy! He loves to hang out with Randy and do "man stuff."

We took him to Papacita's on his actual birthday, he loves that place! The kids can put the food away!

He also is a bit of a ham lately...he loves playing with his doctor set...he says he is "Dr. Hudson."

He also loves playing with his new toys from his birthday. We kind of do too!

His 4 year check up went great! Except for the shots. lol. 

He's a mess but we love him, he is growing TOO FAST!
Livi is doing great too! She is a tiny little thing...and still wakes up at night to eat...but she's perfect! She is eating 4.5 oz every 3 hours still...and can't weigh more than 12 lbs...I mean we haven't had her weighed in a while...but I know she is still around the 11 lbs. mark. I told you...tiny! :)

She is a bit of a Houdini with the swaddle...

She likes big brother's tub from when he was little more than her own. :)

We love to interact like this!! It is our favorite! :)

Can you tell she smiles all the time!!!!

She is getting better at the Bumbo seat!!

I looooove to dress her! :)

Those faces!

All is going great in the Kiser world. We head off to Gulf Shores in about a week...yes, with the children! lol. I am sure I will have lots to share when we get back! Happy Summer!

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