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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rex Year 2!

Well Rex has turned one and the first year has come and gone! Wow, was it an adventure! We loved every second with our little man though! Now we are home with him for the summer and loving every second of it! For Rex's birthday in May, I got him a little pool! We have been spending some time in the pool and enjoying our time together!

We also have been learning alot this summer! We have a mastered a few skills such as using a sippy cup, feeding ourself, and even playing with puzzles!
The sippy wasn't easy for us but Rex finally took it. I believe when we switched to whole milk--he no longer wanted the bottle. He looks so cute holding his cup now though! :) We never get tired of watching him!

Rex loves to feed himself now! We have him on just about any food we are having. His favorite though is Gerber Graduate Ravioli! Obviously we do not eat that, but man he can tear it up!!

Puzzles!! We have started playing with puzzles. I say playing because he is still grasping how to actually put the pieces in the puzzle. He can do the circle and the star! :) He gets so excited when he gets it right! :)

I will be updating much more this summer with pictures of our sweet boy!! Stay Tuned!

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