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Monday, August 1, 2011

August is here!!

I cannot believe it is already August 1st! That means school is starting in a very short time and my boy is close to being 3 months old already!! Time has flown by this summer. While I am sad sad sad about leaving Rex in Daycare, I am having to come around to the idea. I know he will be okay and even thrive in his new environment. I am just going to miss kissing my baby boy alllll day everyday. He however will probably be glad for a break from my kisses. ;)

He is doing great though! He is now up to 6 oz. in his bottles, and eats every 3-4 hours. At night however, he sleeps 7-8 hours! Sometimes even 9 hours...depending on how he sleeps during the day of course! He is also holding his head up much better and beginning to grab at things. His smiles are sooo cute and happen all the time when we smile at him! I also love that he is "talking" more and more to us!! By talking, I mean cooing, but it is so fun!! I will try to keep up with this during the school year but if I don't update often, it's only because I am busy!! Here are just a few fun photos! Enjoy, and I will try to be back soon!! :)


Smiling on Momma

Here is that smile I was talking about!

Rex in his big boy outfit for Grandma!

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