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Hey! My name is Hillary and I live in Texas! I am a teacher turned stay at home mom with my 3 year old daughter! I also have a 7 year old son! I love doing fun activities with my kids, helping other teachers and spending time with my sweet husband!

Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Week Sonogram

We had another appointment today! I am 10 weeks along, we were hoping to hear to heartbeat but it was still a little too soon. The doctor wanted to do a sono even though it wasn't time yet, just to give me peace of mind! I am thrilled he did a sono, the baby looks like a baby!! :) WE could see him/her moving around in there today and I have to say...that was the most amazing feeling ever. I cannot wait to actually feel the baby move in me.

I have been feeling extremely ill at night but I am hoping that is starting to get better. I heard that by the 12th week, some of that starts to subside. :) I know it is all worth it though!

My friend Regina gave me a great book that you have probably all heard of called, What to Expect When You're Expecting. I have been reading it often, I find it fasinating. If you are expecting and haven't invested in it yet...do it! :)


  1. I heard from some friends that reading that book made them worry a lot! Hopefully the information in it only brings you peace of mind and a way to be prepared. Love you!

  2. Good book! I had it but I didn't really read it. I read my "Your Pregnancy Week by Week." I couldn't WAIT for the week to pass so I could read it again. =) hehe But it turns out I should have read ahead. Some things they tell you not to do but they don't tell you at the beginning. I'm like, "didn't I need to know that before?!" haha, nothing too bad though.