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Friday, January 14, 2011

Burrr. :)

Things have been mighty chilly around here lately! We had a good blast of snow on January 9, 2011. It was really fun and school was even let out for the next day! Below are some pics from our snow day!

Driving around in the snow like crazy people!

There's me!

Our house in the snow!!

Poor new grill! We hadn't gotten a cover for it yet at the time!

Rex was showing extra well that day! :) So I took a picture of the snow for him that he couldn't see!

Our walkway. :)
It was a very fun day, but we were ready for it to warm up after that! I am now 21 weeks along in my pregnancy! I FINALLY got some great maternity clothes from Gap and Old Navy. I just ordered some online and luckily they all fit. Silly Longview has no good stores to speak of...NONE. Here is my 21 week picture!

21 weeks. Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash.

Randy and I are headed back to Kansas tomorrow to go to his grandmother's funeral. We were very sad to lose her this week but we know she is in a better place; and best of all...she is with her husband Rex again. I hope she tells him all about the soon to be baby Rex. :) Dorothy and Rex Kiser were amazing people and I am glad heaven gets to enjoy their company; they deserve nothing but the best.

Until next week...stay warm.

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  1. Yeah-the only one they have, Motherhood Maternity, is closing! You're so cute pregnant!